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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer here is simple in any case! But it is essential that there is a medical prescription for use.

There are three steps you need to follow:

1 – Prescription: The first thing you need to purchase cannabis products for medical use is a medical prescription.

If you don’t have a prescription, contact our team to get a referral to a doctor near you.

2 – Authorization: You must have an authorization from Anvisa to purchase the products. You have two options:

a) access the Gov.br portal and request your authorization to import products derived from cannabis;
b) Contact us so that we can assist you in requesting authorization

3 – Order: With the recipe and authorization in hand, simply access our website www.spherajoy.com or contact our reception team to place your order.

Sphera Joy has 3 product lines:

– medicines
– functional dyes
– skincare

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