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Caroline Heinz
From Founder
Caroline Heinz is the CEO and founder of Sphera Joy, her own brand of cannabis-based products.

Specialist in the cannabis market, she has been working in the USA and Brazil Markets since 2014 and during these years created a worldwide network of health professionals, scientists, who work together to bring more health, quality of life and joy for some many people.
Caroline Heinz
CEO & Founder
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Our Story
A brand that rescues the purpose of universalizing access to treatment and eradicating the ingrained prejudice against Cannabis in society.

Sphera, in Celtic symbology, represents the universe, with its infinite cycles. The company was born benefiting from seven years of experience in the cannabis market, welcoming patients and parents who need help and knowledge about the treatment with CBD and THC.

Founded by Caroline Heinz, Sphera develop products in partnership with the best suppliers for each of the necessary raw materials – the result of Caroline’s long experience and relationship with the market.

For the Brazilian market, Caroline wants Sphera very close to each patient, understanding their needs and addressing the best solutions for each case.

Working closely with numerous doctors and families using CBD, Heinz helped pass legislation for cannabis in Brazil and to get the Brazilian government to subsidize CBD for several indications. Sphera also carries in its DNA the close relationship with physicians, so that they can be assured of the quality of the product they will offer their patients.

Safe and legal

Our products have a safety seal and approval from the law and safety departments.

Proven efficiency

There are several studies and publications that prove the efficiency of CBD both as a dermocosmetic and aidin drug treatments.

Natural Care

Our formulations have minimal additives so you can take advantage of the benefits of a natural product.

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